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For Teachers and Educators


Challenges Facing Teachers and Educators:

This course isn't just for parents. Schools are searching for ways to enhance their programs and teacher effectiveness, as well as, bridge the discipline messages at home and school. This class provides practical and valuable techniques for working cooperatively with students, parents and school staff. Working together, parents, administrators and teachers can handle students' behavior in ways that help students accept responsibility.

Are you frustrated by students who...

  • continually break the rules

  • act lazy and unmotivated

  • blame or accuse others of unfairness

  • do the opposite of what is asked

  • give up and do not participate in class activities

  • believe that no one likes them

  • blame others and involve you, as the teacher, in their peer conflicts?


This Course is for YOU!

Being a teacher today offers a tremendous challenge. Having effective strategies for handling today's teacher/student relationships can make teaching and school a lot more exciting. Additionally, INCAF offers the "Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom" course to support successful relationships in and out of the classroom environment. Anyone who works with students will benefit from taking either of these course.

NOTE: RCB can be applied as CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits.

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