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Consequences That Work (Workshop) *Most Popular*

Length: 2 hours

Do you feel like your consequences aren't effective and sometimes are irrelevant? This workshop introduces the concepts of natural and logical consequences and how parents/teachers can effectively use them.


Enhancing Self-Esteem (Workshop)

Length: 2 hours

Does your child feel inferior or downplay their strengths? Demonstrates 10 methods of disciplining while instilling high self-esteem within your child.


Balancing Love and Discipline (Workshop)

Length: 2 hours

Do you struggle with being to harsh or being too kind? Striking that balance isn't a circus side show and can be accomplished. This workshop introduces the concept of firm and kind, unconditional love and the value of more action less talk.

How to Prevent Power Struggles & The Four Goals of Misbehavior (Workshop)

Length: 2 hours

You will learn, in this two-hour workshop, to identify the four goals of misbehavior, effective ways to avoid power struggles, how to really listen to your children and how to get them to listen to you!


Help! My Child Won’t Listen (Workshop)

Length: 2 hours

Do your kids ignore you, run away when you ask them to do something, dawdle or just simply say ‘NO!’?  This two hour talk will give you some magical tips and tools to get your kids to listen, cooperate and work as a team without threats and bribes!  Your kids will actually WANT to cooperate and you’ll only have to say things once!  No more ‘making your kids’ do something or ‘because-I-said-so’s necessary!


Click here for the full 15-hour course information

Workshops are held in various locations around the Washington DC area and virtually. Check out our schedule of upcoming workshops. Or contact us to set up a workshop or series to offer directly to your group, school or organization.

RCB Workshops

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