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May TBD - Workshops

June TBD  - Workshops


... Where we begin with the end in mind.


Being a parent or educator is exciting, but it also means adapting to another persons ideas and personality. It's easy to feel unprepared, overwhelmed, and even scared. Power struggles with your children are almost expected but by redirecting their behavior those struggles can be eliminated.


Parenting is about developing a loving and nurturing relationship between you and your child. As parents, we strive to give our children the tools they need to live healthy, productive lives.

The Art of Parenting is designed to help parents and educators navigate interacting with the budding personalities of children. Utilizing some techniques and innovative practices about parenting you will learn patience, peace and tranquility.


Let the change of society begin in our own homes.


By helping your family and others in your community you can help raise money for your school, church or organization. Contact us for more information.

Do You Recognize One of These Children?

  • A teenager who breaks the rules

  • A toddler who demands all of your attention

  • Siblings who fight

  • The bully who pushes others around

  • The whining child who says "I CAN'T"

  • A kid who wants to be the center of attention

  • A child who gets into power struggles

Are You One of These Parents?

  • A mom that yells to get the results she wants

  • A dad that makes threats to get a child's attention

  • An adult that is frustrated with the kids

  • The helicopter mom

  • The parent that can't let go

  • A parent that's at their wits end

Then this course is for YOU!! 

And you can redirect your child's behavior! This RCB Course is designed to teach individuals, parents and professionals the skills that create confident, loving, secure, and drug-free children. Could you use some help adding to your parenting toolbox? Take the Parenting Survey.



What Others Have Experienced

"At KIPP Impact, we are very grateful for the parent workshops provided by Nayada, and we continue to reap the benefits of more engaged families. As we all know, education is most successful when it is a true partnership between parents, students, and the school; The Parent Stop workshops helped get us closer to our goals!"

Warren Buck, School Leader | KIPP Impact

Jacksonville, FL


"As a result of this class, I am much more conscious of my role in my son's moods and much more in tune with what's going on BEFORE the problem occurs."

RCB Class Participant


"Taking this course helped me realize MY own behavior needed redirecting. I had to redirect my need for control and instead teach my child how to choose to be responsible for herself."


Mom of an only child


"I feel like I am more attentive to and have a better understanding of my child's motives for misbehavior."


Father of a 6 year old


"The role-playing was most helpful because they expose your behavior and let you improvise and try failing AND effective tactics."


Mother of a middle school student

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