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The Parents Stop was designed to work with parents and schools to create happy families, peaceful homes and optimal learning environments.

We provide Redirecting Children’s Behavior workshops and courses and The Art of Parenting  to individuals and families, schools and family centered organizations. We are based in the Metro Atlanta are and Washington DC region but provide our services nationwide.


Scholarship are available. Contact us for more information.

About Our Instructor

Nayada Cowherd is a parenting instructor and coach with The Parents Stop. She has been certified since 2003 through the International Network for Children and Families (INCAF), headquartered in Gainsville, Florida.

Nayada is a Television and Film Producer by trade and has spent many years in mass communications, news and film, producing independent feature films, commercials and shorts. As a mom of two teen boys, Nayada believes she has a commitment to the community to help open the lines of communication between parents, children and families. She also wants to support the raising of children who have high self-esteem, self-control and will foster a well-developed sense of responsibility to themselves and their community. The parents she serves include married couples, single, foster and grandparents; teachers and anyone interested in the success of children.

The network (INCAF) she is affiliated with is committed to teaching skills that create confident, loving, secure and drug-free families. Nayada is one of over 1000 parenting instructors teaching Redirecting Children’s Behavior in fourteen countries. The parent education methods she uses teach practical skills utilizing creative techniques that build self-esteem, self-control and responsibility in children.

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